About me

I’m a pianist & organist.

I love the piano and its repertoire, and I love performing. I especially enjoy the music of Beethoven, Brahms, and Liszt: Beethoven because of his unparalleled marriage of form and feeling; Brahms because he picked up where Beethoven left off; and Liszt because he was such an enigma — priest, showman, visionary, poet, virtuoso.

I revere Bach, but I mainly spend time with him when I’m at the organ.

Perhaps it’s because I love things with keyboards, but after two degrees in piano performance I decided that I needed a third degree — in organ performance. (Why have one keyboard when five will do?). As an organist, I’ve given recitals, worked in churches, conducted choirs, and composed / arranged some of my own music.

I currently serve as Associate Director of Music & Worship Arts at Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC.

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I'm a full-stack web developer

I’ve always loved to tinker with tech. After years of playing around off-and-on with HTML and CSS (and BASIC when I was younger), I decided to study web development more seriously.

I work mainly with Javascript — including React, Gatsby & Node — and am getting acquainted with Typescript. I’m currently working on a couple static sites for friends, as well some full-stack personal projects.

I run Linux exclusively at home (currently Debian Buster), and almost always code in NeoVim with COC.

For music notation, I use the wonderfully powerful (and open-source) LilyPond

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