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Privacy Policy

I take online security and privacy pretty seriously, and I believe in being transparent, ethical, and consensual. I minimize third-party code, and I use self-hosted solutions whenever possible.


This website uses no cookies at all. Not a single one. Not a crumb! The only data that is stored on the client side (i.e. your browser) is the products your cart — if you use the shop. That's it!

Your information

Of course, if you make a purchase, I get notified about that, and I can see what you've bought. But you can be confident that your information is not being distributed to anyone in any way at all. I might reach out to you to see how satisfied you are with a purchase, but that is the sum total of how your information might be used.

I do log IP addresses for form submissions on the contact page. These are added to a database on my private, self-managed server, and that information is only used for spam prevention.

Tracking & analytics

I use a self-hosted instance of ShyNet for web analytics. I chose ShyNet because it does not require Javascript, and it uses no cookies. It is therefore anonymous, and no data that is collected can be linked back to you directly.