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Website audit

A website audit can give you a handle on the strengths of your site as well as areas that need improvement. I can assess a site's security, accessibility, performance, search engine optimization (SEO), and adherence to modern best practices.

Security is particularly important if your website is built with Wordpress. As powerful as it is, the Wordpress platform is notorious for security vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection.

An accessibility audit will give you an overview of how easily your site can be navigated by the user — especially those with visual, auditory, or mobility impairments.

Performance / core web vitals auditing looks at how well the site performs. I check how well the site performs on slow connections, devices of varying sizes, with Javascript disabled, and I check it with Google's standards for best practices.

Service Info

Rate:$70 / hr
Areas of audit:
  • security
  • accessibility
  • performance
  • core web vitals
  • SEO